D and D Norwiches


Welcome to D and D Norwiches

We take great pride in raising great pets from our home to yours. Champion sired, champion lines, excellent pedigrees, bred for not only good confirmation but also for good temperament. Our dogs come from years of championship breeding, bloodlines from all over the, USA and Europe. We show in confirmation, obedience, and agility for over 30 years.

Foremost our dogs are cherished and are valued members of our family. They are raised and live in our home where they receive constant love and attention. They enjoy the many acres of land here especially the woods and creek that they often play in. Our dogs are easy to train and we enjoy teaching them the basic's before they go to their new home. They typically get along well with other dogs, but must be trained to enjoy cats. They are also good with children.

The Norwich Terrier is the smallest breed in the terrier group. Bred to hunt vermin in Britain for centuries. They became a favorite of the students of Cambridge University; there Norwiches popularity grew into the companion dog of today. They are active, intelligent, and hardy. A great companion for a country setting or the apartment dweller. What they lack in size they more than make up for in personality and affection.

Norwich Terrier litters have one of the lowest litter registration counts of all breeds due in part to difficulty to breeding and small litter sizes (2 to 3) this is also making them one of the more expensive breed of all purebred dogs. They shed very little and do require grooming. They are a very loyal breed and enjoy being around people. They love to play and go for walks. They make great travel companions. These dogs are fearless, loyal, affectionate, and will immediately become an important member of your family.

Because a Norwich has a strong hunting instinct and a typical terrier curiosity he/she should have a fenced in area for exercise and should be walked with a lead.

Our pups are health guaranteed and are de-wormed and are given first set of vaccinations before leaving for their new home. They will come with a vet certificate and are registered all of our puppies are sold on limited registration. We do not allow visitors until our puppies are 7-8 weeks of age to prevent any unknown diseases from coming into our home.

Please call or e-mail us if you would like to be on our waiting list, or check to see if we have any available Norwiches.