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This is our feedback page. Our future puppy owners love to hear feedback from owners of puppies from our previous litters.

Thank you for your feedback! We love to everyone's feedback.

Quotes Pepper enjoying her new home on Long Island. Quotes
Marguerite Pani Iannone

Quotes So happy to connect with our breeder, Diane today and update how Prince is doing! It's amazing to think he's 2 now, born 1/18/10 enjoying life here on our Pear Orchard, Cashmere, WA with his two labradoodle brothers, with Frank Henley smile emoticon. Snowing here and Prince is keeping up with his brothers in two feet of snow! We will have to find a little sled for him..... smile emoticon Quotes
Michelle Irene Henley

Quotes This is Fen. EVERYONE LOVES HIM. He was lucky enough to start his life with Diane and the family at D and D. He is such a wonderful, smart,calm,fun, people pleasing member of my family. He has been trained to be a Bright and Beautiful therapy dog, so that he can now go into hospitals and nursing homes. MY WHOLE EXPERIENCE WITH D and D kennels was awesome and I am hopeful that Fen might have a sister from D and D in the fall. Quotes

Quotes Meet Fen..... Fen was born at D and D kennels 4 and 1/2 years ago. There is not one day that he has not brought joy to my life. He is so smart and loving and so much fun. He always brings a smile to everyones face as he goes to greet them. He was easy to train and has been certified as a Bright and Beautiful dog who can go into nursing homes and hospitals. I did this as I just needed to share his joyfulness. D and D kennels gave him such a loving start I know that is one reason he is as awesome as he is! Quotes