D and D Norwiches



As a show enthusiast we would like our puppies to go to show homes as well as pet homes. However, show puppies do go with a show contract and pet puppies will be sold on limited registration and will be neutered or spayed no later than one year from purchase date.  In no way is a pet dog to be bred under any registry.

Deposits are $500.00. For families that are long distance we gladly offer photos and information about puppies, so a family can chose a pup by e-mail.  We can ship by air.

Because of the high demand for our pups and limited litters we always have a waiting list. The list determines the order of puppy choice per deposit received. Regardless of your placement on the list you can rest assure they are all wonderful, well adjusted pups. Pups are well socialized and develop a personality that is generally formed from the environment they have been exposed to.

At this time we do not have any puppies available.